Wood Mosaic Tiles

Wood is fundamental to the human experience. Consider the hobby horse of our youth, the icon that is the Christian cross, the stake of pop vampire culture, the center of the campfire, and the finality that is the pine box. In architecture and design we certainly think of gloriously finished wood floors, opulent millwork, elegant moldings, intricate trellises and refined shelving .

However, until very recently, I for one had never associated wood with mosaics. Perhaps I can be accused of a certain tunnel vision on the topic but I think you take the point. Materials Marketing is currently introducing our MUIRdera collection of holistically designed wood mosaic elements.

The designer of this line, the renowned Mr. Carl Steadly, was kind enough to take some time recently to share with us his inspiration for the product. Carl has spent years abroad studying and observing design, culture by culture. In the course of those travels, in Japan, he discovered the joy of the wooden bathtub, the ofuro. It occurred to Carl that if a bath tub could be made of wood why couldn’t the products in his chosen industry, stone and tile, also be composed of wood. After all, he thought, we have had natural wood floors for centuries and the porcelain tile producers have been creating tile floors with very distinctive wood “visuals” for at least the last five years. So he set out to create his own mosaics in wood !

A first observation, from a design standpoint and from a potential production standpoint was the manner in which the various woods accepted staining. In particular, a piece of wood cut across the grain revealed a certain visual character and the same wood type cut with the grain would most probably project an entirely separate visual. Of course, this almost “doubled the fun”, so to speak, in terms of the amount of options this wood mosaic collection could offer. Not a bad problem to have at all.

We envision many uses for MUIRdera. In particular, at the urging of Mr. Steadly, the combining of wood mosaics with glass and metal tiles to create the synergies that the mixing of mediums can produce. Consider the cool, clean visual in the image below as wood, metal and glass harmonize. Well, that will be enough of my musing .

So here is an idea. Materials Marketing has eleven showrooms around the good old USA. Starting this week, the design professionals that work in them can assist you in creating your own composition in wood mosaics using our MUIRdera wood collection. Stop in and visit!

by John Valentine