Natural Stone has a quality unmatched by any other material. Its unique combination of durability, warmth and beauty have inspired artisans throughout the ages.

Materials Marketing manufactures a wide variety of architectural stone and flooring products in 29 different marble, travertine, limestone and adoquin stone materials, in a wide variety of colors, sizes and finishes, giving you the flexibility to achieve your design intent.

Limestone is one of the most versatile stones. It is readily available and can be elaborately carved. Bands of limestone emerge from the Earth’s surface in spectacular rocky outcrops. Niagara Falls is an example of this. Many landmarks across the world, including the Great Pyramids are made of limestone.

Our limestone is an ideal architectural stone material, and is suitable for surface coverings. It is available in tile and mosaics, as well as in matching molding profiles.


Travertine has been an important building material since the Romans built the Colosseum. In modern times, Travertine has been a favorite of many architects. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe used travertine in several of his major works, including the Farnsworth House. Other notable buildings using travertine extensively include the Getty Center in Los Angeles.

Our travertine flatwork is available in tile and mosaics, as well as in matching molding profiles.




Marble has been prized for its beauty throughout the ages. As the favorite medium for Greek and Roman sculptors and architects, marble has become a cultural symbol of tradition and refined taste. Its extremely varied and colorful fissures and veining make it material of choice for many homeowners.

Our marble materials can produce refined architectural elements and are also available in tile and mosaics, as well as in matching molding profiles.




Adoquin is a stone whose properties are similar to those of the Cantera stone, only much harder and more durable. Both Adoquin and Cantera are indigenous to central Mexico.

Our adoquin is a malleable architectural material and is also available in tile and mosaics, as well as in matching molding profiles.