The Chevron in interior design

The chevron occupies a unique space in our cultural heritage and is playing a greater and greater role in fashion design. Generally speaking, the shape is recognized and known as an upside down or inverted and flattened version of the letter V. Historically, the chevron was a significant symbol in heraldry oft times as a part and symbol within various coats of arms. This you can see in the image below left which was the coat of arms of John FitzRobert a signer of the Magna Carta.

We are all familiar, in present day, with the chevron on the sleeve of militaries around the world. Above right are the “stripes” worn by a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps.
The chevron pattern has also thrown itself fashion forward in couture recently. This is easily observed on dresses, tops, purses, shoes, and bathing suits, just for example. For a bold look you can use the chevron pattern with bright colors like yellow, pink and orange. Or you can tone the pattern down with the use of neutral colors like black, white, gray, and tan.

Recently, renowned “trend spotter”, Mark Leevan discussed the chevron in residential interior design in the Mark wrote that “The time for bold, yet neutral chevron has come! This pattern is showing up everywhere: on kitchen walls, backsplashes, floors, throw rugs, pillows and shower curtains. Most Chevron patterns alternate black then white then black, but by playing around with alternative colors, you can lessen the impact of the design and achieve a more serene look”.

European blogger, Temenouzhka Zaharieva, echoed these sentiments in when she wrote, “patterns, and especially graphic patterns are making a steady comeback in interior design- from chevrons to stripes, and in every combination in between. They are an easy way to make a whimsical, bold statement and transform an ordinary interior into a space special and sophisticated.”
Since we here at Materials Marketing are in the stone and tile business, we have imparted our own spin on the chevron. As you can see below, we have taken a wonderful white marble from Vermont that we call Montclair and created a simple but defining chevron like pattern using this luxurious white stone. ip.

As always, we pride ourselves on our “hands on” service. With that said, we realize that to incorporate a chevron into a project you are working on may be a new experience for you. Materials Marketing has eleven showrooms around the USA. Stop in and visit with the design professionals there. They can help you have a “chevron enhanced” 2013.