Hex Collection

The hexagon is found throughout nature: in soap foam, snowflakes, sponges, and honeycomb. It is an instantly familiar shape, and one that Materials Marketing has offered for a very long time as a mosaic. We are expanding on this line, with the official Hex Collection. From the well-known 7/8" mosaic all the way up to a 24" size, there are no limits to what you can create! With 38 unique types of stone, and with a multitude of finishes available, you have over 3,800 possible combinations to choose from. 


The honeybee is in danger. Massive losses of hives across the country in the past few years have rendered an alarming problem: how do we produce food without pollinators? One out of every three bites of food is made possible by bees. In 2016 alone, 44% of managed bee hives were lost due to colony collapse disorder. Many groups and companies around the country are racing to help educate the public and to help prevent these huge losses and to help rehabilitate bee and pollinator populations across the globe.

With the clear similarities between our Hex Collection and honeycomb found in beehives, we at Materials Marketing only thought it would be appropriate to partner with the Planet Bee Foundation. They are a non-profit bee conservation organization that focuses on environmental education for students. Please visit their page for more information on how you can help their efforts. In support of our partnership, a percentage of each Hex Collection purchase will be donated to the Planet Bee Foundation, with hope that future generations will help protect this important insect.