Marble is more significant in most 2014 design plans than it has been in many, many years. In my view, this is a function of its inherent flexibility. Recently, the renowned style editor Dan Howarth commented from Milan saying that “the material of the moment at this year’s Milan design week was marble, with the streaky stone often associated with classical sculpture and architecture enjoying a revival in contemporary design”.

Naturally, from our perspective, we tend to see things in terms of marble as a tile, an architectural element and for items such as kitchen and vanity tops. On the other hand, marble as furniture was ubiquitous in Milan. Again from Mr. Howarth, “the use of marble was most prevalent in table tops”, as shown below.

marble is more

Agoro by Naoto Fukusawa

Back to our topic which is marble is more. It is now more when used as elegant furniture elements. Fair enough! It is also more when combined with bronze as show at the very top of this post. Whether you choose the floral insert and Roman style liner as shown or you gravitate towards another metal and insert concept the idea is the same. Marble is more with the addition of the metal component.

marble is more

Materials Marketing is very committed to the simple idea that marble is more than what it once was. Future posts will discuss additional ideas to think about when designing with marble. Shape, texture and light are just a few to consider. The company has ten showrooms across the USA, including a new location in Costa Mesa, California. Stop in for more on marble!